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4 Ways to Get More out of Your RP3

The RP3 offers so much more than just the opportunity to improve your fitness. By learning how to get the most out your RP3 Rowing Machine and the connected RP3 App you can greatly enhance your rowing experience while training indoors.


1. Optimising your RP3

There are a number of features on your RP3 which you can adjust to improve your rowing comfort and therefore enhance your power application and technique. These are:

  1. The rear leg - Whether using the sprung leg as on an RP3 T or the static leg as on an RP3 S, the rear leg in both cases should be adjusted so that the bar is level with the floor - too high and you'll be hitting the front of the bar, too low and you'll be stuck at the back of the machine.

  2. Feet height - Its a common misconception that you set the height of your feet based on your shoe size. Your feet should actually be set so that your catch position is comfortable and efficient for applying power. If you cannot get your shins vertical at the catch, lower your feet. If your shins are extending over vertical then raise them.

3. Setting Resistance - Another common misconception is higher resistance is always better. Lower resistance is extremely useful for developing your technique and speed as you have to much quicker in your movement to achieve the same power output. Vary your resistance between sessions to develop strength, speed and coordination.


2. Using the RP3 Rowing App

The RP3 app is a unique and extremely useful tool which can be used to greatly improve your rowing technique and fitness.

Download our guide below to find out how to programme intervals, analyse workouts, optimise your force curve and set the display to view the information you want to see.

RP3 Rowing App Guide
Download PDF • 442KB

You can also login to the app to wirelessly upload your workouts to the RP3 online platform where you can further analyse and share your workouts to 3rd party platforms such as Strava. View your RP3 online area at the following link:


3. Drills

Those of you who spend time rowing on the water will know that many hours are spent doing rowing drills to improve your technique. The same can be true of using your RP3. Here are three to try:

  1. Break down the stroke: Try building up your stroke gradually starting from either the back end (arms only -> arms & body -> half slide rowing -> full slide rowing) or front end (6 inches -> half legs -> legs only rowing -> legs and body -> full slide). Try doing 10 strokes on each before adding the next element thinking carefully about your sequencing and posture. A mirror can be really useful.

  2. Suspension exercise: Practice changing direction and engaging your legs while maintaining straight arms by lifting your body off the seat as you drive away from the catch.

  3. Crew synchronisation: Try the above but on linked RP3s with a crew mate - great for developing synchronicity and building confidence in your crew.


4. Give RP3 Racing a try!

Bored of training indoors and want to try something new? Why not set up a virtual race and challenge your friends or join one of our races!

Virtual racing is a great way to push yourself on and row socially while training indoors. Keep an eye on our upcoming events page to check for races you can join for free!

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