Requirements for RP3 Records

Records are maintained for the following distances and times:

- 500 metres

- 2000 metres

- 5000 metres

- 21,097 metres

- 42,195 metres

- 1 min

- 30 mins

- 60 mins

All record submission must:

  • Be rowed on an RP3 model S or Model T rowing machine. The type of machine must be stated in the record submission and the machine must not have been modified in a way that alters its performance.


  • Be completed in a single timed piece (no intervals)


  • Be completed on “RP3 Split” and the average power must also be submitted to confirm this.


  • Be completed by an individual rather than as a team relay.


  • Be submitted with evidence. This can be either a screen shot of the workout review or link to “share workout” page. Please note for a record-breaking row, the CSV file of the workout must also be provided (available on the share workout page).


RP3 Rowing UK reserve the right to not accept a row as a record.


Recognised Categories

We recognise the following categories for each record distance:

  • Age 12 and under

  • Age 15 and under

  • Junior (Age 18 and under)

  • Under 23 (Age 22 and under)

  • Under 23 Lightweight

  • Open

  • Open Lightweight

  • Age 40-49

  • Age 50-59

  • Age 60-69

  • Age 70-79

  • Age 80 and above


Please note:

  • lightweight requirements are as follows: <75kg for men and <61.5kg for women

  • If attempting an age restricted category record, your age and evidence of this will be required.

  • Categories may change subject to entries

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