The Model S was the rowing machine that brought dynamic rowing indoors. It enables rowers of all levels to learn and perfect an efficient "on-the-water" technique bringing not only the fitness benefits associated with indoor rowing but also improving technical factors applicable to actual rowing.

Dynamic rowing also reduces jarring loads on the joints compared to static machines, specifically the lower back and knees. This not only allows athletes to train longer and harder without the risk of injury but also opens up the RP3 as a tool for rehabilitation following injury.



Dynamic rowing means that unlike on a static rowing machine, the machine itself is free to move. The benefits of this include the simulation of the feeling of water rowing, a protected lower back, and technical development applicable to rowing on the water. 


The Software is featured on an app, "RP3 Rowing" found on the Google Play Store. It is one feature that sets RP3 Dynamic Indoor Rowers apart. A detailed force curve is the focus of the screen, it enables athletes to get instant feedback on precise power application through each stroke, vital for technique development and fine-tuning. Workouts can be exported to be analysed stroke by stroke, or uploaded to workout platforms such as Strava. The app also connects with most BLE heart rate belts allowing you to view your pulse on the screen while you train. Other display options include stroke length, drive to recovery ratio and max force with its relative in-stroke position. Please see the 'Guides' page for more detail. 



The RP3 benefits from a complete stainless steel construction meaning the machine stays corrosion free even in humid environments. 

Every flywheel is fully balanced and matched to achieve a consistent data output. The weight and inertia of the flywheel are specially designed to give you the same feeling as an oar through the water. 

Adjustable Footrests and Optimised Handle - The use of adjustable heel flex footrests on the indoor rower make it easy to set the right height for your foot size. The handle is angled in two directions to minimise tension in arms and wrist during the drive, this also simulates the movement of the oar through the water.

Easy Storage and Mobility - The RP3 has wheels on the front foot allowing the fully-assembled machine to be rolled into position, it can also be stored upright


For clubs, schools, and universities, the majority of rowing competition occurs in crew boats. RP3 uniquely offers link bars that enable machines to be linked together which means learning to row together as a crew doesn't need to stop when land training. When linked together, athletes can feel when their counterparts apply power and work together to achieve perfect timing and matching force application.

  • Overall Length - 250 cm 

  • Width - 50 cm 

  • Seat Height - 48 cm 

  • Single rail - 3x3 cm 

  • Chain - Plated steel chain, partially enclosed

  • Interface/Monitor - Wireless interface BLE connects to Android Tablet /Phone / special monitor (option)

  • Maximum User Weight - 4200 kg as tested by RP3

  • Construction - Complete Stainless steel front leg, rear leg, and rail.

  • Monitor Arm - Monitor holder can be adjusted for a Tablet or Phone and the angle can also be adjusted.


  • Finish - Brushed Stainless Steel

  • Storage - Can be stored in upright position.

  • Space Requirements:
    Assembled: 250 cm x 50 cm
    With Clearance for Use: 260 cm x 122 cm
    For Storage: 50 cm x 50 cm x 250 cm

  • Machine Weight - 20 kg

  • Shipping Dimensions:
    Box 1: 28cm x 65cm x 107cm
    Box 2: 6cm x 6cm x 230cm

  • Shipping Weight - 35 kg