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RP3 Lockdown Training Plan (Part 1)

As we enter a second national lockdown in the UK, meaning we are all once again confined to training alone. We thought we would create a programme which builds up to a 5000 metre race which will be hosted on RP3 Racing. If you would like to enter the race, please ensure you have downloaded RP3 Racing and joined the race room at least 10 minutes before the start time.


The race entry code will be published at least 1 hour before on our facebook and instagram pages (rp3rowinguk) and the RP3 Racing facebook group - please contact if you do not have access to facebook or instagram.

The programme features training advice and ideas to help you towards a personal best for 5000 metres. Please see image below or download the pdf using the button.

The excel training tool available to download is available to help you with pacing for all sessions in the programme. Simply enter your 5000 metre target score and maximum heart rate to view suggested heart rate and pace zones that correspond to our training plan.

A second plan will be released for the 2 weeks after the 22nd, this will build towards a 2000 metre race.

Lockdown training plan 1.PNG
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