RP3 Model S Rowing Machine. 

Complete machine with Bluetooth interface.

Available with Amazon Fire tablet monitor including RP3 App.

For more information please visit our RP3 Model S page

RP3 Model S

SKU: 2013001
Include 8" Tablet Monitor with RP3 Rowing App

Overall Length - 250 cm 

Width - 50 cm 

Seat Height - 48 cm 

Monorail - 4 cm 

Chain - Special plated steel chain

Chain/Cord - Housing Partially enclosed

Interface/Monitor - Wireless interface BLE connects to Android Tablet /Phone / special monitor (option)

Power Requirement - Takes power from battery pack inside the machine.

Maximum User Weight - 4200 kg as tested by RP3 .

Construction - Complete Stainless steel front legs, rear legs and rail.

Monitor Arm - Monitor holder can be adjusted for a Tablet or Phone and the angle can also be adjusted.

Finish - Brushed Stainless Steel

Storage - Can be stored in upright position.


Space Requirements -

Assembled: 250 cm x 50 cm  

With Clearance for Use: 260 cm x 122 cm 

For Storage: 50 cm x 50 cm x 230 cm 


Machine Weight - 24 kg


Shipping Dimensions-

Box 1: 107cm x 65cm x 28cm

Box 2: 6cm x 6cm x 230cm

Shipping Weight

34 kg + 8Kg

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