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BioRowTech For RP3

BioRowTech System


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BioRowTech for RP3

The three most common errors in technique in rowing which have the largest impact on performance can be seen and corrected on a dynamic ergometer.

These errors are described below.

The technology offered by BioRow incorporates three sensors, for the handle, the seat and the athlete's trunk which work with a specialised software system to return a simple and instantaneous traffic light guide to a user enabling them to experiment with their technique to achieve a perfect stroke.

The Three Technical Errors

The three most common errors are as follows:

  1. "Opening up"(or rolling) of the trunk at the catch.

  2. “Grabbing” the arms and shoulders during the first part of the drive, or a too early “opening” of the trunk.

  3. “Throwing” the trunk after the finish of the drive (prolongation of shoulder movement to the bow, when the handle has already changed direction and moves to the stern).

biorow mistakes.png

The BioRowTech enables a rower to solve these issues by displaying three traffic light feedback displays. These are "catch factor", "rowing style" and "finish factor". The software also displays a graph depicting the mostion of each sensor.

bio row.jpg

For more information regarding the BioRowTech, please Contact Us.

BioRowTech Consultation

RP3 Rowing UK are pleased to offer a BioRowTech consultation for the RP3. One of our RP3 experts will come out to you to and set up a BioRowTech system on your RP3 rowing machine. They will then work with you or members of your squad to evaluate your stroke and highlight technical improvements that can be made in order to improve boat speed on land. Please contact us via the button below to request a pricing for your consultation.

Also please note that the cost of a consultation is refundable with purchase of one or more BioRowTech Systems.


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