RP3 Winter Racing League

Welcome to the RP3 Winter League! This winter, at RP3 Rowing UK we will host a number of races and competitions which you can enter and compete in to win points per event which will display in the table below.


To enter the league simply enter an RP3 Winter League e-race or tick the "Winter League" box on the score submission form.

Results of the most recent event will be displayed below the league table and all results will be shown in the results archive.

Check out the race calendar for the events coming this month and don't forget to check back regularly for updates, next month's events, and special events!

The overall winner will receive a free RP3 Unisuit*

Events Calendar


  • RP3 Racing Virtual Race


  • Cumulative Challenge


  • Submit score challenge


Points will be awarded in the following way:

  • Submitting a score: 1pt (per person not per entry)

  • Completing a live e-race: 3pts

  • Winning your category: 10pts 

  • Placing second in your category: 5pts

  • Placing third in your category: 2pts

League Table


Upcoming Events

  • 1000m score submission challenge
    Score Submission Challenge
  • 1000m e-Race
    RP3 Racing
  • 2000m e-Race
    RP3 Racing

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