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RP3 Rowing UK Partners with Against

In a rowing boat, your shoes are an often-overlooked factor dictating your performance. They directly affect your comfort, your confidence - by providing stability at your feet, and most importantly, they connect you to the hull, allowing you to transfer power to the boat.

How often do you get in a boat to find a pair of worn-out, ill-fitting shoes waiting for you? Rowing shoes should not be a factor that limits your performance.

For these reasons, new rowing shoes are often seen as a good and relatively inexpensive place to start when upgrading your boat to improve your performance.

The issue for rowers in the UK however, is that choice for quality rowing shoes is somewhat limited. For this reason, at RP3 Rowing UK we have decided to partner with Against Rowing Shoes, and formed Against Rowing UK - the exclusive distributor for Against Rowing shoes in the United Kingdom.


Why Choose Against?

The reasons are simple:

  1. Quality - Against shoes are handmade from fine materials in Italy, a nation with well-known ties to quality shoe manufacture.

  2. Durability - The outer fabric is abrasion and water resistant - meaning it stands up to repeated wear associated with taking thousands of rowing strokes in an unforgiving outdoor environment.

  3. Designed for performance - From innovation around the unique SPINE sole to a lightweight design and the use of wicking and insulating fabrics to keep your feet the right temperature for optimum performance - Against shoes form the ultimate connection between you and your boat.

  4. Value for money - Top-end rowing shoes can be expensive but with Against you get a reasonably priced set of shoes that are designed to optime your performance and last as long as your boat. Whats not to like?

  5. Trusted by the best - Empacher, one of the world's best boat builders use Against Rowing shoes in their boats - have a look next World Cup and see how many pairs of Against Rowing shoes you can spot.


CLICK HERE to find out more, or buy your own Against Rowing Shoes.

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